Please read below carefully — this page was updated June 15th, 2020 with important information related to Covid-19.


While we understand that there are occasions when circumstances beyond your control force you to cancel appointments you have made , late cancellations (with less than 3 hours notice) usually mean we are unable to offer that appointment to other guests.
We would appreciate at least 3 hours notice (48 hours for group booking) to cancel any appointment you have made, so that we may offer that slot to someone on our waiting list. Thank you.
Please note that late cancellation of Group Bookings will result in loss of deposit and 50% charge from total invoice apply for non group booking.

Terms (of Endearment)

We will arrive at least ten minutes before the scheduled treatment to set up beds and equipment.  If you are not available to receive us before the treatment, please try to have staff available to let us in and prepare for your treatment.

If you have to be late or will be delayed, please try to let us know at least two hours before the treatment is scheduled to begin and we will do our best to reschedule. If you’re not able to inform us in good time, your treatment will be cut short as we will have to finish on time. There will be no deduction on your invoice for time cut short. If we are late, we will advise you by phone as soon as we know and will adjust the treatment time or price depending on your schedule.

Setting up and clearing are not counted as part of your treatment time. Our therapists will let you know the starting time of your treatment so you can be sure to receive the full length treatment.

Please try to confirm any changes to your treatment at least 3 hours before the appointment or 48 hours in advance for Group Bookings. We will do our best to accommodate your changes as painlessly as possible. If you’re not able to advise us on changes in good time, CASA may have to charge you based on the original booking. Additional treatments are subject to scheduling and will have to be checked and confirmed by the office.


Our prices are subject to 12.5% Tax and do not include a service charge. Tips / gratuities are welcome!
You may pay by Cash, Debit or Credit Card. Note that for deliveries around Canggu, the credit card machine often can’t get a signal so please make sure you also have cash on hand. Please confirm your preferred method at the time of booking. Groups may also reserve by PayPal, subject to additional PayPal transaction fee.


We are doing everything in our power to keep us all safe, well and healthy. You should know:

All staff are tested for Covid-19 by rapid testing.
All staff undergo daily temperature & symptom checks at start of shift.
All staff declare to have not experienced symptoms or been in contact with people with symptoms the preceding week.
All staff wear safety masks and other equipment where required.
All staff adhere to recommended washing and hygiene protocols.
All tools and equipment are sanitised according to international guidelines.
All linen is used once before washing.

By continuing with your booking, you acknowledge you understand and agree with the following:

I consent to a temperature check prior to starting my treatment.
I understand that CASA Spa is doing everything they can to protect my safety. I am aware of the risks of covid-19 and waive CASA Spa and their therapists of any responsibility in the event that I do become sick.
I declare that I have had no symptoms of covid-19 in the 14 days leading up to my scheduled treatment.
I declare I have not been in contact with people with symptoms of covid-19 for at least 14 days prior to my scheduled treatment.
I understand that in the event of one of CASA’s therapists becoming sick, my contact data will be supplied to local authorities for contact tracing and follow up.